[USRP-users] Problems with Ettus B210 and Intel Nuk

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Hi Neel,

1. Indeed that is right. It seems that the newer NUCs with latest firmware consistently do not recognize B210s from cold boots.

2. That is correct.


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> Hello Tathagata:
> If I recall from a separate conversation, after you upgraded the BIOS on this Intel NUC, the system would no longer recognize the B210, right?
> Before the BIOS upgrade, the B210 would still be recognized, but only after a long 30- or 60-second delay, right?
> --Neel Pandeya
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>> [Hey T,]
>> I encountered a problem similar to this in the past with a Minnowboard Max. If you press the reset switch (S700 I believe), is the NUC able to see the B210 (instead of unplugging USB)? I had to do this if I had a B200 plugged into the Minnowboard while it booted.
>> The solution we came up with was to install a larger capacitor in parallel with C716/S700. I recall installing a 100uF capacitor. This allowed some extra time before the Cypress USB chip on the B200 powered up and it would work normally after a cold boot.
>> Obviously, if you want to try I assume it will void your warranty on the B210, so proceed at your own risk.
>> I think B200mini alleviated this ‘issue’ as it has a reset supervisor (TPS3801).
>> -Trip
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>> Hi,
>> We have a problem with Ettus B210 on an Intel Nuk. Briefly when we plug in the SDR into the USB port of the Intel Nuk, it is not recognized. The Nuk is running Ubuntu 16.04. The attached document details the debugging steps that we have taken and the errors that we are getting.  We never had this problem before and it suddenly started and we have no clue as to what is going wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> T
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