[USRP-users] Fw: help with uhd_image_builder_gui.py

Nicolas Cuervo nicolas.cuervo at ettus.com
Tue Oct 31 04:17:38 EDT 2017

Those issues have been fixed lately, so please pull the latest changes at
fpga:rfnoc-devel and try again.

Additionally, please point the image builder to the top OOT directory as

    $./uhd_image_builder.py chanmux -I ~/OMessenger/Receivedfiles/
rfnoc-pfb-channelizer-master/ -d x310 -t usrp_x310_RFNOC_HG -m 5


On Oct 31, 2017 07:47, "Snehasish Kar" <snehasish.cse at live.com> wrote:

Hello Nicolas

When I use uhd_image_builder_gui.py to generate an image, on selecting
X310_RFNOC_HG as target, it automatically adds the parameter I without
setting any argument to it and also doesn't allow us to set it manually. On
using uhd_image_builder.py and setting I to
it says no noc_block_chanmux found. Below is the command I use to build.

./uhd_image_builder.py chanmux -I ~/OMessenger/Receivedfiles/
rfnoc-pfb-channelizer-master/rfnoc/fpga-src/ -d x310 -t usrp_x310_RFNOC_HG
-m 5 --fill-with-fifos

Please help!


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