[USRP-users] USRPB210 master clock rate and RF front end bandwidth

Wahhab Albazrqaoe albazrqa at msu.edu
Mon Oct 30 09:20:38 EDT 2017

​​I have USRPB210 and would like to set the bandwidth of the RF front to a
high value, like 56MHz or 61.44MHz (which I think the max value supported
by B210). At the same time, I would like to set the sampling rate of ADC to
2MHz. I used the following cmd to do so:
./rx_sample_to_file --args master_clock_rate 2MHz --bw=56MHz --freq=2410e6

when I run the program, I got a message says that
the sampling rate is 2.0000 MHz
Actual Rx bandwidth is 56MHz

These messages say show the configuration of USRPB210. However, I think
this configuration is not real. How do I check it?
I have a program (call it P) that monitors Bluetooth packets and there are
two cases to check:
Case1: --args master_clock_rate 2MHz --bw=2MHz, here we expect P to get j
Bluetooth packets.
Case2: --args master_clock_rate 2MHz --bw=56MHz, here we expect P to get
(56/2=28) x j Bluetooth packets. That is, the number of packets is (28
times j) as P monitors more Bluetooth channels.

In reality, P got only j packet in Case2. This confirms that the RF front
end (or something else in USRPB210) is not configured correctly as 56MHz.

I did another check on USRPB210 to confirm. In particular, I used the
following settings (let's call it Case3):  --args master_clock_rate 56MHz
--bw=56MHz. In this case, P got (28 times j) Bluetooth packets, which
confirms my checking procedure above.

I appreciate if anyone could help me to configure USRPB210 just like Case2

Wahhab Albaz​
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