[USRP-users] time/phase synchronization of 2 X300

Luca Pascale pascale.luca.it at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 18:22:12 EDT 2017


is it possible to phase synchronize 2 X300 as follows:

- X300#1: equipped with GPSDO. Generate Ref and PPS signal for the
X300#2 via PPS out and Ref out connectors.

- X300#2: take PPS and Ref Signal from X300#1 (daisy chain)

Target daughterboard is TwinRx. Phase offset will be corrected
by my application.

If possibile to use this scheme, should exist any degradation with
respect a configuration with the octoclock ?

If it is necessary to provide to both the X300 the same singlas (pps,
ref) should be possible to replace the octoclock with 2 way splitters ?

Thanks in advance,

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