[USRP-users] problem with aplay on E3xx

Andrej Rode mail at andrejro.de
Fri Oct 27 02:33:23 EDT 2017


> Any idea what is going on and why it can't find any cards?  Also, one 
> more thing I ran was:
> root at ettus-e3xx-sg3:~# alsactl init
> alsactl: init:1758: No soundcards found...

I'm using a jethro build on a SG3 E310 and so far I didn't have trouble
with audio. Though I have a custom built image on top of
`jethro-cleanup` in meta-ettus. Not sure from what the jethro image
distributed by Ettus is built.

Maybe a look in `dmesg` could provide some more info about the audio
driver initializing?


Andrej Rode
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