[USRP-users] Extra shielding for USRP

Bakshi, Arjun bakshi.11 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Thu Oct 26 14:05:26 EDT 2017

I'd like to make a shield for my usrps. I have a significant direct path from the transmitting antenna to a separate receiving usrp case.

The RX and TX are on different usrps. The USRP bodies/cases are about 5 feet apart. The TX antenna and RX USRP body are about 10 feet apart. However, the direct path between TX antenna and the RX USRP body still has significant power. I want the received signal to be between only the TX antenna and RX antenna. I'm limited in my ability to further separate things.

Are there any hacks I can use to make a makeshift rf shield for my usrps?


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