[USRP-users] libusb uses only one thread?

Андрій Хома anik123wb at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 03:39:18 EDT 2017

As an addition: I have a USB controller: Intel Corporation C610 / X99
series chipset USB xHCI Host Controller (rev 05)

2017-10-23 0:09 GMT+03:00 Андрій Хома <anik123wb at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> I have:
> 6 usrp b502mini
> The motherboard Z10PE-D16 WS (can it matter in the chipset?)
> Intel xeon e5-2430v4 processor
> Memory DDR4 1866 (128 GB)
> As a result I get overflow ("O") when using 6 usrp at once.
> I'm not proficient in profiling, but I saw that only one thread is created
> for libusb, maybe this is the bottleneck.
> Explanation of attached picture # 1:
> 1 Create / initialize devices
> 2 I create two threads for each device, they alternate in the picture:
>     one on "recv" (starting from the very first). It can be seen that it
> is quite resource intensive, basically time is spent on
> convert_sc12_item32, but it's clear that the CPU core copes less
>     the second to write to named fifo (those that are more intermittent,
> starting with the second). Also is not resource-intensive.
> 3 I understand that in this thread there lives libusb, and it's only one,
> for 6 devices (see picture number 2)
> Also, I was playing with usrp x310, and I work quietly with 400Msps (via
> dual 10G ethernet), ie convert_sc12_item32 is fully capable of processing
> 400Msps on one 2.2GHz core, so the bottleneck is the aforementioned single
> libusb stream.
> Did I make the right conclusions?
> If so, then I need to know exactly what CPU power I need, without guessing
> on the coffee grounds.
> Are there any benchmarks, hardware requirements, so that I can still use
> these devices?
> [image: Встроенное изображение 1]
> [image: Встроенное изображение 2]
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