[USRP-users] interpretation of received signal

Nirmala Soundararajan nsound1 at students.towson.edu
Sun Oct 22 12:22:23 EDT 2017

Hi Marcus,

I have no idea why you said that but I certainly did not mean to directly
take the values that Marcus L mentioned and straight away add it in my
report!. Since I am just learning about SDR, I just wanted an idea of what
could be the minimum power levels that an SDR receiver can fairly
comprehend and process. Of course I definitely have to co-relate with the
results that I get in the simulation. All said and done it certainly helps
when experts and professionals give their advise and feedback (due to their
vast experience) and I feel there is nothing wrong in checking with experts
just to see where we are heading or "are we in the right direction" !
Please excuse me if I am wrong!

Ettus has always recommended that all users including beginners post their
doubts in this forum and indeed this is the best place to learn more about
their product!  So we are all learning !

kind regards

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