[USRP-users] UHD 3.10.2 | X300 - High CPU load even for low samples rate

Kai-Uwe Storek kaiuwe.storek at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 19 10:25:21 EDT 2017


after experiencing some problems (time outs, etc) with the current UHD
develop version (master branch) I changed the UHD version to 3.10.2
(maint branch, #122bfae).

To do so, I just used the prefix recipe gnuradio-stable via pybombs.

Now I'm not able to transmit even low bandwidth signals. My setup is

- X300 via 1G ethernet
- gnuradio (maint branch)
- Debian with kernel 4.9.

I used a simple flow graph with just a sine source directly connected
to the USRP sink block. Even for sample rates below 2MSamples/s one of
the cpu core of my Xeon E5-2630 v2 is 100% busy.

Observing the cpu load with htop, I recognized that most of the cpu
load is red which indicates kernel space activities...

After several seconds I finally got many "U"s in the console window.

Some ideas how to isolate the problem?
Thanks in advance!


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