[USRP-users] No output from OOT RFNOC Module

John Medrano john.d.medrano at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 16:09:24 EDT 2017

We are in process of debugging an out of tree module that we created. It is
a source object that generates a given sequence.

We have compiled and loaded in our X310 device and all looks good. But when
we run it, we get no output.

Below is some of the output from the device.

Two questions:

1. Why do we receive the following debug message:
[INFO] [RFNOC] Assuming max packet size for 0/memory_0

2. What is meant by RFNOC blocks with streaming port, and creating
rx_streamer messages?

Please advise,


[INFO] [CORES] Performing timer loopback test...
[INFO] [CORES] Timer loopback test passed
INFO: Setting args on 0/FIFO_0 (gr_vlen=256,spp=256)
DEBUG: output item size: 2048
INFO: Setting args on 0/memory_0 (gr_vlen=256,spp=256)
DEBUG: output item size: 2048
[INFO] [RFNOC] Assuming max packet size for 0/memory_0
DEBUG: check_topology()
DEBUG: RFNoC blocks with streaming ports: 1
DEBUG: start(): ninputs == 0 noutputs == 1
DEBUG: creating rx streamer with:
timeout on chan 0
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