[USRP-users] additional Verilog file in OOT RFNoC block

Dixon, James L jdixon at vencorelabs.com
Tue Oct 10 21:45:53 EDT 2017


I am trying to figure out how to add additional Verilog code in a separate .v file and have it build.  For a simple proof-of-concept test, I started with the "tutorial" module and the "gain" block, as per the instructions in the "Getting Started" document.  I then substituted this code in the noc_block_gain.v file:

Instead of:
wire [31:0] i_mult_gain = i * gain;
wire [31:0] q_mult_gain = q * gain;

I put this:
wire [31:0] i_mult_gain;
wire [31:0] q_mult_gain;

multTest mult1 (
.qout(q_mult_gain) );

And then at the end of the noc_block_gain.v file, I added this:

module multTest(i, q, gain, iout, qout);
input [15:0] i;
input [15:0] q;
input [15:0] gain;
output [31:0] iout;
output [31:0] qout;

assign iout = i * gain;
assign qout = q * gain;

This builds fine.  However, I would like to put the multTest module code in a separate .v file.  I tried just putting it in a file called multTest.v in the same directory as the noc_block_gain.v file, but I get an error that the module "multTest" can't be found.  As I mentioned, this is just a simple test and my real goal is to put a significant amount of code into the additional Verilog file, and to eventually use an additional VHDL file.

Any ideas?  I'm guessing that there may be some additional steps.


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