[USRP-users] Frequency offset between two USRPs B210 synchronized with use of Octoclock-G

Andrej Rode mail at andrejro.de
Fri Oct 6 20:03:13 EDT 2017


> Questions:
> 1. Have anyone synchronized USRPs B210 up to having constant phase
> offset between the devices?
> 2. If yes - how?

In the UHD tree you find a OOT in tools/gr-usrptest. If
compiled + installed it will provide a tool called
Using that you can "stress test" phase alignment with retunes and plot/prints the results.
For the SBX you should get phase alignment across retunes/power cycling using that and a common 10 MHz Ref & 1PPS signal.

Under the hood it uses a reconfigurable GNU Radio flowgraph, so it also
should show if this works through GR API.

Andrej Rode
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