[USRP-users] GPS time incorrect on E310 until almanac downloads

Sirkin, Joshua F. Sirkin-Joshua at zai.com
Thu Oct 5 17:19:20 EDT 2017

It appears that the GPS time defaults to 15 leap seconds at bootup until the almanac downloads but it should be at 18 leap seconds.  This causes a problem on startup.  Is there anyway to force the E310 to store the offset value and use that at next bootup?  Is there a flag that I can check to see if the utc has been corrected yet?  I am on an E310 running 3.9.2.  Otherwise, I have no idea if my time is accurate or off by 3 seconds.

If the E310 is unable to store the proper number of leap seconds between bootups I believe the next best fix would be to recompile GPSD with the appropriate number of leap seconds.  In newer versions of gpsd, I think this would be in leapseconds.cache or timebase.h.  These files don't seem to be in the version of 3.14 that I found in /usr/src/debug/gpsd/3.14-r0/gspd-3.14.  Have any newer versions with this correction been compiled for the E310?

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