[USRP-users] X310 RFNoC External Frequency Reference

Adams, Andrew L. Andrew.Adams at jhuapl.edu
Wed Oct 4 09:25:05 EDT 2017

Using the following commits from the rfnoc-devel branch, we cannot seem to lock the X310 to an external reference using RFNoC. This includes both an external 10MHz reference and GPS input. Given that set_time_source and set_clock_source methods appear to have been removed (they're available in UHD 3.9.2), how do we synchronize the radio LO's with an external reference signal or GPS input?  We do not see this same behavior using a non-RFNoC 3.9.x release.

Commit (SW): 1908672f319cd4245e16ac8a6c100e29985120e3
Commit (HW): 74d1448e375d4b9e30d762976d20d2378112576f


Andrew Adams
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