[USRP-users] Error creating RFNoC FPGA image with OOT module

Avila, Jose A jaavila5 at miners.utep.edu
Tue Oct 3 15:21:20 EDT 2017

We are currently getting an error attempting to build a fpga image when running the following which points to the OOT module using the -I option

./uhd_image_builder.py twochannelsiggen duc fft -I /home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/rfnoc-siggen2ch/rfnoc/fpga-src/ -d x310 -t X310_RFNOC_HG -m 6 --fill-with-fifos

The testbench ran successfully but now the image builder is giving an error saying module noc_block_twochannelsiggen not found [.../top/x300/rfnoc_ce_auto_inst_x310.v]

twochannelsiggen is the OOT module created with rfnocmodtool in the rfnoc-siggen2ch directory.  We tried editing the Makefile.OOT.inc in /…/top/x300 with the following two lines

OOT_DIR = /home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/rfnoc-siggen2ch/rfnoc

include $(OOT_DIR)/Makefile.inc

As well as editing the subsequent makefiles in the OOT rfnoc directory. We did notice that the Makefile.OOT.inc would get erased after running the image builder and it erroring out.  The following is the error encountered with the image builder

    Parameter my_addr bound to: 237 - type: integer

    Parameter awidth bound to: 8 - type: integer

    Parameter width bound to: 32 - type: integer

    Parameter at_reset bound to: 0 - type: integer

INFO: [Synth 8-256] done synthesizing module 'setting_reg__parameterized18' (136#1) [/home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/fpga/usrp3/lib/control/setting_reg.v:12]

INFO: [Synth 8-256] done synthesizing module 'rx_frontend_gen3' (137#1) [/home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/fpga/usrp3/lib/radio/rx_frontend_gen3.v:5]

ERROR: [Synth 8-439] module 'noc_block_twochannelsiggen' not found [/home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/fpga/usrp3/top/x300/rfnoc_ce_auto_inst_x310.v:22]

ERROR: [Synth 8-285] failed synthesizing module 'x300_core' [/home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/fpga/usrp3/top/x300/x300_core.v:2]

ERROR: [Synth 8-285] failed synthesizing module 'x300' [/home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/fpga/usrp3/top/x300/x300.v:15]


Finished RTL Elaboration : Time (s): cpu = 00:01:44 ; elapsed = 00:01:44 . Memory (MB): peak = 1351.676 ; gain = 517.594 ; free physical = 4123 ; free virtual = 14654


RTL Elaboration failed

INFO: [Common 17-83] Releasing license: Synthesis

552 Infos, 57 Warnings, 0 Critical Warnings and 4 Errors encountered.

synth_design failed

ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: Synthesis failed - please see the console or run log file for details

INFO: [Common 17-206] Exiting Vivado at Mon Oct  2 15:23:15 2017...

make[1]: *** [bin] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/joseavila/Documents/gnuradio_source/fpga/usrp3/top/x300'

make: *** [X310_RFNOC_HG] Error 2

Thank you

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