[USRP-users] Frequency synching USRP B210

Cho, Daniel J (332C) daniel.j.cho at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 2 11:52:30 EDT 2017

Hello -

I am using a USRP B210 with a GPSDO.  All the parts are assembled.  When I power up my USRP, I get a green light at the GPS ANT LED for a couple seconds before it shuts off.  When I run a program, it recognizes that a GPSDO module is installed.  I ran query_gpsdo_sensors to make sure that GPS is locked and it is.  When I run gnuradio, I make sure to set both USRP sink and source clock sources to O/B GPSDO and unknown PPS.

The setup is just one USRP B210 transmitting a BPSK signal from file and another USRP B210 receiving the BPSK signal and plotting it on the QT GUI sink.  When looking at the constellation plot of the QT GUI sink, the constellation is rotating thus the USRPs are not being synched.  How can I get the two USRPs synched using the GPSDO?  What am I doing wrong?

UHD version is 3.9.6.

Daniel Cho

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