[USRP-users] How update CMake version in the software development kit (SDR)?

Torbjörn Olsson torbjorn.olsson at atletor.se
Mon Oct 2 02:57:34 EDT 2017


I am trying to put GR-Inspector on my Ettus Research E312 (an embedded system). But when running cmake in the installation process I get:
olt at aes:~/e300/src/gr-inspector/build$ cmake ..
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:23 (cmake_minimum_required):
 CMake 3.1 or higher is required.  You are running version

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
olt at aes:~/e300/src/gr-inspector/build$
It seems like the SDK used to cross compile for the E312 uses an older version of CMake than required by GR-Inspector. Has anyone experienced the same issue (and found a solution?). 

Grateful for any help!


(embedded software and SDR newbie)
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