[USRP-users] using uhd_fft with usrp N210

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Mon Nov 27 23:51:33 EST 2017

I have 2Questions
I was install Linus Ubuntu 16.04 LTS,
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
and install uhd and gnuradio (https://kb.ettus.com/Building_and_Installing_the_USRP_Open-Source_Toolchain_(UHD_and_GNU_Radio)_on_Linux)
and  uhd_images_downloader  
uhd_image_loader --args="type=usrp2,addr="
benchmark_rate --tx 10e6 --rx 10e6 
and test it  tx_waveforms --rate 10e6 --freq 100e6 
Using Device: Single USRP:
  Device: USRP2 / N-Series Device
  Mboard 0: N210r4
  RX Channel: 0
    RX DSP: 0
    RX Dboard: A
    RX Subdev: BasicRX (AB)
  TX Channel: 0
    TX DSP: 0
    TX Dboard: A
    TX Subdev: BasicTX (AB)
Setting TX Rate: 10.000000 Msps...
Actual TX Rate: 10.000000 Msps...

Setting TX Freq: 100.000000 MHz...
Actual TX Freq: 0.000000 MHz... 
1. Why Actual TX Freq is 0?? And when I run uhd_fft , I can see only 0hz signal. But I set center freq 100Mhz.
2.I try to example (uhd_tx_dpsk of gr-uhd) and run in gnuradio-companion and see flowgraph, but I measured signal using spectrum analyzer I can't see signal.
  I put subdev A:AB in USRP SINK block and antenna is TX/RX. What should i do for transmit dpsk signal?

Windows 10용 메일에서 보냄

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