[USRP-users] GPS antenna with power splitter

Hojoon Yang omnibusor at kaist.ac.kr
Mon Nov 27 08:43:53 EST 2017

Hi.I have two USRP B200 and each USRP is equipped with GPSDO. Also, I have one 5v active GPS antenna, and one power divider(1 input and 2 outputs) whose operation frequency is 0.7~2.7GHz.In power divider, the input port is connected to the GPS antenna and each output port is connected to a different GPS ANT port on the USRP B200.I want two USRP B200 to receive GPS signal from only one antenna. That's why I use power divider.So, I wonder this configuration works well compared to two GPS antenna configuration (i.e. each USRP are connected to their own GPS antenna).Is there "any" dis-advantage compared to two antenna config?I tested it and observed that both USRP's GPS ANT LED was "green" and seems to work but not sure. I executed the sync_to_gps program for both USRP and it worked well.Thanks.Regards,
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