[USRP-users] transmission at specific time t0.

Hojoon Yang omnibusor at kaist.ac.kr
Fri Nov 17 21:32:58 EST 2017

Hi all.I'm still trying to know that when we command to transmit the samples at specific time t0, its actual transmitted time is exact time t0?because, in Rx, it does not receive exact time t0. there are some delays between them(about 30us depending on the master clock rate or sampling rate, thanks to Dario Fetonani).If there is a delay when Tx, How can we measure the difference?It will be very appreciated if someone answer the question.Thanks.::Original message::Hi all.In rx_medata_t, there is a time_spec which displays the time when a first sample is received.Thus, we can see the timing difference between the time "actually" transmitted and the time we "command".For example, I command "issue_stream_command" to start receiving at time t0, but I noticed that the actual reception start time was t0+delta by observing the time_spec in rx_metadata_t.My question:When we transmit the samples, is there any similar metadata or something that shows the "actual" transmited time of the first sample?I know that we can set the time when to transmit the samples, but I want to know the actual transmitted time.
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