[USRP-users] Independent use of ethernet ports on Ettus x310?

Neel Pandeya neel.pandeya at ettus.com
Thu Nov 16 20:08:09 EST 2017

Hello Chad:

If you are using 1 Gigabit Ethernet, then only one of two SFP ports in the
rear of the X300/X310 can be used. If you have 10 Gigabit Ethernet, then
the second SFP port can be used. Please see the link below. The SFP ports
are configured depending on which FPGA image is being used.


Regarding your use-case, if you have a second daughterboard in your
X300/X310, then you can simultaneously receive in parallel. With two
daughterboards, the X300/X310 provides two transmit chains and two receive

What is the configuration of your system?

--Neel Pandeya

On 15 November 2017 at 17:34, Chad Spooner via USRP-users <
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> All:
> I'm wondering how to use the second ethernet port on my x310. I've been
> going through the
> online Ettus SDR help, but can't seem to find the right pages.
> The short version of my question is: Can I use the two ethernet ports
> independently, say
> when each of them is connected to a separate computer? If so, how do I set
> up the second
> port? I'm using computers with 1 GiG Ethernet only.
> Details/Context: I have a working gnuradio companion flowgraph that
> generates a signal indefinitely
> and applies it to (A:0, Tx/Rx). That output port is connected by a cable
> to (B:0, RX2).  All indications are
> that this is working well. At irregular intervals, I want to obtain large
> numbers of samples from
> (B:0, RX2) by calling, say, uhd_rx_cfile or the like, outside of the
> flowgraph, which is still
> running. I'm prevented from doing that while the flowgraph is running. Can
> I do it using the
> second 1 GiG port if I set it up properly?
> Thanks for any advice you can offer.
> Chad
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