[USRP-users] Error when connect USRP2 via MIMO cable

Wahhab Albazrqaoe albazrqa at msu.edu
Wed Nov 15 13:50:27 EST 2017

I connect two USRP2 devices via a MIMO cable.
USRP2 devices are connected (Gigabit Eth) to different hosts. I didn't
change IP addresses for USRP2 devices.

I use "rx_samples_to_file.cpp" to collect some complex samples from each
USRP2 separately. On the USRP2 master device, "rx_samples_to_file.cpp" is
not mortified. On the USRP2 slave device, we use the following code:

        //make mboard 1 a slave over the MIMO Cable
        usrp->set_clock_source("mimo", 1);
        usrp->set_time_source("mimo", 1);

        //set time on the master (mboard 0)
        usrp->set_time_now(uhd::time_spec_t(0.0), 0);

        //sleep a bit while the slave locks its time to the master

instead of
//Lock mboard clocks

Each device is configured with a unique center frequency (different from
the other device).

When I run the code on the slave computer, I got the following Error

LookupError: indexError multi_usrp::mb_root(1) – vector ::_M_range_check

We usually use this command:
sudo ./rx_samples_to_file --args master_clock_rate=50e6 --freq=2440e6
--bw=50e6 --rate=50e6 --gain=50  --progress  --wirefmt sc8 --duration 30

I appreciate if some one has an idea how to fix this error.

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