[USRP-users] Setting Up USRP X300

Gilad Beeri (ApolloShield) gilad at apolloshield.com
Sun Nov 12 10:13:23 EST 2017


The cables are Intel XDACBL3M cables, any reason why those cables (which
are functioning as tested between 2 computers) and X710-DA4 won't work the
USRP X300, while the same NIC and another cable (non-Intel) does work?

On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 12:20 PM Gilad Beeri (ApolloShield) <
gilad at apolloshield.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to set-up a brand new just-opened USRP X300 with 10 GigE SFP+.
> The equipment I have:
>    1. X300 + a single SBX-120
>    2. 2 Intel SFP+ 10 GigE cables
>    3. Intel X710-DA4 NIC
>    4. A motherboard with a standard Ethernet interface
>    5. Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.10.0-38
>    6. i40e driver installed, version 2.3.6, firmware version 6.01.
> I followed the instructions of setting up a USRP X300.
> When connecting the SFP+ transceiver to port 0 an Ethernet cable between
> the transceiver and my Ethernet NIC, ping was successful, finding the
> device was successful, and I could successfully burn the necessary firmware
> (HG). Note: tried both UHD 3.10.2 and 3.11.
> So the USRP basically works.
> Then tried connecting the SFP+ cable to port 0 -> no link (configured host
> IP
> Tried connecting it to port 1 and configuring host IP -> no
> link. If I reboot the USRP when the cable is connected, only then the port
> LEDs turn on (not when connecting the cable while the device is already
> on), but still, no link is detected.
> Does my Intel X710-DA4 work at all? First, the OS recognizes all 4
> interfaces. Second, I put inside it Ettus's transceiver, and connected a
> network cable from the X710 to my motherboard, configured a local network
> and successfully pinged. So the X710 does work.
> Do my Intel SFP+ 10 GigE cables work? Connected them at both ends to
> SFP+-based computers and successfully transferred a file between them over
> my SFP+ cables. So the cables work.
> What else can I try?
> Thanks
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