[USRP-users] FPGA source code license

Manuel Uhm manuel.uhm at ettus.com
Sat Nov 11 11:57:36 EST 2017

Thanks, Michal. We are actually adding headers to our FPGA source code now that explicitly defines the code to be under LGPL.


As a reminder, we require CLAs for non-trivial modifications. We can accept contributions w/o CLA if a) they are very small (< 10 lines), or b) if the submission is the only obvious way of doing something. Our CLA is on the web: http://files.ettus.com/licenses/Ettus_CLA.pdf






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My fix will be in a file which has a GPL copyright notice, so I think there won't be a problem with it.


Still, it might be a good idea to include the license in the root directory of the repository. It's recommended e.g. by GNU GPL how-to.


2017-11-09 16:33 GMT+01:00 Michał Wróbel <michal.a.wrobel at gmail.com <mailto:michal.a.wrobel at gmail.com> >:

Hi Manuel,


Is it possible to include "LICENSE.md" file in the repository? It seems that GitHub even has a tool for that:







2017-11-09 15:36 GMT+01:00 Manuel Uhm <manuel.uhm at ettus.com <mailto:manuel.uhm at ettus.com> >:

Hi Michal.

UHD and RFNoC and both covered under GPLv3. We look forward to seeing your fix!



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Subject: [USRP-users] FPGA source code license

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I want to contribute a fix to https://github.com/EttusResearch/fpga repository. However, given my agreement with the company I work for, the process of submitting the patch might be different depending on the license of the project I want to contribute to. My assumption would be that the license is the same as GNU Radio project (GPL-3.0), however the mentioned FPGA source code repository doesn't state that explicitly. Can you clarify which license does the FPGA code for USRP devices use?



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