[USRP-users] Access .sob, .eob, or RFNoC Data from Host?

Francisco Alberto Kindelan-Espinosa franciscokindelanespinosa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 09:31:10 EST 2017

Hello.  I'm trying to access RFNoC data from across the host boundary
within gnuradio but am having trouble figuring it out.

Specifically, I'm setting the .sob and .eob in RFNoC and trying to get that
data within a host-side C++ gnuradio block.  I found a gnuradio struct
called uhd::transport::vrt::if_packet_info_t::packet_type_t that has bool
types for .sob and .eob but I can't find any examples for how to initialize
and use the struct so it will point to the data coming into the block from

Can anyone shed some light on this?  Or, failing that, can someone
recommend a general way to pull CHDR or other out-of-band data coming from
RFNoC on the host side?

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