[USRP-users] time is not retained by e310 real-time clock when powered-off

Rupert Lloyd rupert.lloyd at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 11:01:43 EST 2017

We have observed the real-time clocks on our e310s get reset when
powered-off & the ac power cable is removed


  # set hwclock from systime
  root at ettus-e3xx-sg3:~# date
  Mon Nov  6 10:02:36 UTC 2017

  root at ettus-e3xx-sg3:~# hwclock --systohc

  root at ettus-e3xx-sg3:~# hwclock

  Mon Nov  6 10:03:03 2017  0.000000 seconds

  ======shutdown, remove/insert ac power & reboot ========

  root at ettus-e3xx-sg3:~# hwclock

  Sat Jan  1 00:00:16 2000  0.000000 seconds

Is there supposed to be a battery back-up on the RTC to keep it ticking
with no external power?
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