[USRP-users] Having Installation Recognition Of Ettus E310

Matheou, Konstantin J. (GRC-LCI0)[ZIN TECHNOLOGIES INC] konstantin.j.matheou at nasa.gov
Sun Jul 30 16:29:15 EDT 2017

To All,

First thank you for your help for the previous installation issue I had with the  B210.  But now, the E310 came in and there is a different installation process as most of us know.  Unfortunatley, I am not 100% connected correctly with the E310 and need the forum' s assistance.

This is the scenario:

1)      Using Oracle VirtualBox software to create a Ubuntu Linux OS 16.04 on a Window 7 64-bit machine

2)      Since the B210 worked using the above Virtual Machine (VM) setup, I figure I can get the E310 to work.  So, using the same machine as before, thus the same USB Windows drivers are still installed that allowed the B210 to be installed through the Windows 7 64-bit initial hardware

3)      I installed UDN and GRC already on the linux VM machine

4)      I setup things correctly to be USB 2.0 in the Oracle VM setup.  I also have the FTDI as filtered in the Oracle VMware setup

5)      When I open a terminal and use this command to get to a sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0  115200, I get to the login of the E310 hardware via this terminal command - Is there anything here I can do to validate that things are working?

6)      Then when I turn the E310 off and then on, I get all of this installing of stuff in the above E310 terminal screen.  I am assuming this is OK.

This is where I am at..

Now my questions?

Do I have to install SDK?  If yes, what is the best way to do so?

Is there anything else I m missing...

For the B210, I used the commands form a Linux terminal UHD_find_devices and UHD_usrp_probe to get things working... do I use the same commands for the E310.

I appreciate any assistance...

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