[USRP-users] b210 dual channel mode

Андрей 1 andrew4010 at rambler.ru
Thu Jul 27 04:20:41 EDT 2017


My device is b210 version of UHD is 3.9.5 OS Windows7
I try get samples in dual channel mode and I dont wont use continuious stream
becose in its hard for pc for high sample rate.
So I use UHD_STREAM_MODE_NUM_SAMPS_AND_DONE and periodicaly have
uhd_rx_metadata_error_code_timeout error with low time_spec in uhd_stream_cmd_t.

At some point during long operation in this mode, this error starts to appear
very often and then the timeout in the function of the sampler_recv.After that,
the data from the board does not go even if I close and then open.

This error appears much more often if I at the time additional load the processor
with other applications.

Is that normally?
What is the cause of this error?
Which settings will be correct in UHD_STREAM_MODE_NUM_SAMPS_AND_DONE or
UHD_STREAM_MODE_NUM_SAMPS_AND_MORE so that there is no error?

Thank you.
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