[USRP-users] Sampling ADC/DAC at a different sampling rate compared to the FPGA-host data rate

Karan Suri youngsuri at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 01:51:22 EDT 2017

Hello USRP Users
I was able to develop an *FPGA based loop back which directs the raw ADC
data to the DAC* . The TX transmits whatever it sees on the receive signal
The loop back works as expected for sampling rates upto 30 MSps but it
fails to loopback received signals at a *higher sampling rate (>40)*. It
gives the potential "uuuuuuuuu..." problem or the *underflow* issue. I
suspect this issue because of the 1G Ethernet cable which limits the
maximum data rate.
But since* I am really not sending any data into the host* I should
essentially be able to use any sampling rates upto the maximum ADC sampling
limits, irrespective of the FPGA to the host data rates.
Is there any way I can achieve a different sampling rates for the ADC-DAC
versus the FPGA-Host? Like making the ADC /DAC sampling rate be
*independent* of the Host FPGA link speed? I have to achieve a *100 MSps
sampling speed with a 1 G Ethernet card*
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation
Karan Suri
University of Michigan
Research Scholar
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