[USRP-users] x310 full duplex capabilities/quirks

Michael Carosino m.carosino at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 12:54:38 EDT 2017

Hi all,

as far as I'm aware, the two daughter boards on the x310 device each allow
for full duplex communication simultaneously. In other words, I should be
able to connect a string of (or a ring network too) for e.g. three x310
devices together. Assuming the answer to that is yes, are there any
specific quirks I should be aware of that will need to be tackled? I'm
thinking of things like:

-running multiple flowgraphs on one x310 for the multiple tx and rx chains,
might need to mux data in/out somehow (only one process can use the x310 at
a time?)

-If it's not true full duplex, I assume some type of start of burst, end of
burst tags are necessary?

-Any example flowgraphs that have already shown the full use of the device
like this?

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