[USRP-users] Release Candidate 1 Announcement

Derek Kozel derek.kozel at ettus.com
Wed Jul 19 10:16:57 EDT 2017

Hello all,

The release candidate of UHD version has been tagged and is
available for testing. There have been no API breaking changes necessary
since the last release but a small ABI change means we are incrementing the
ABI number. Updated FPGA and firmware images have been uploaded.

The tag for this release:

There have been 83 commits since the last release which can be viewed here:


* multi_usrp: Fixed get_normalized_tx_gain.
* E300: Fix for streamer recreation issue. Reduced minimum timeout, fixed
potential race condition.
* X300: Fix for network discovery, will now return early when correct
serial is found. Fixed issue with DAC sync. All async messages now go
through single DMA channel on PCIe. Improved TX performance. Fixed page
size acquisition for PCIe. Fixed some FW communication errors. Improved
flow control. Removed MTU throttling. Legacy compat falls back to min spp
for mixed transport types.
* CBX: Fixed LO LPF behaviour in 1.5-2 GHz range.
* UBX: Fixed dtor SIGABRT issue. Better error handling for various dboard
clock rates.
* TwinRX: Added LO reimport feature.
* GPSDO: Improved detection. Improved query_gpsdo sensor.
* RFNoC: Fixed issue with DDC and DUC command tick rate.
* UHD: Fixed potential memory leak in tasks. Fixed
get_normalized_tx_gain(). Fixed default socket buffer size to honor MTU.
* Examples: Added channel param to samps to/from file. sync_to_gps exits
instead of uncaught throw. latency_test improved output. Use next_pps in
test_clock_synch. Added TwinRX FHSS example.
* Utils: Modified behaviour of uhd_images_downloader so it won't delete
dirs when using -i
* Tools: Updates to CHDR dissector. Added set_time_source_out(). Fixed LO
* C API: Fixed some missing fields in USRP info.
* Docs: Many minor fixes. Fixed Doxygen warnings related to /* in files.
* CMake: Fixed GCC 4.4 compilation issue. Added ability to specify package

Best regards,
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