[USRP-users] Questions to run a loopback example on B200

Jie Song JSong at availink.com
Tue Jul 18 17:31:00 EDT 2017


I am new to the B200 SDR, I was trying to run example code "txrx_loopback_to_file.exe" on B200 ( a cable connects TX/RX to RX2 already) by the following command but no output data file  found, please help. The command misses some TX and TX addresses/subdev address which I don't know how to configure them :

txrx_loopback_to_file.exe --file lb_test.dat --nsamps 10000000 --tx-rate 1000000 --rx-rate 2000000 --tx-freq 1000000000 --rx-freq 1000000000

--tx-gain 30 --rx-gain 40 --tx-ant TX/RX --rx-ant RX2 --wave-type SINE --wave-freq 100000

Thanks a lot!


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