[USRP-users] ABI compatibility mismatch error

Matheou, Konstantin J. (GRC-LCI0)[ZIN TECHNOLOGIES INC] konstantin.j.matheou at nasa.gov
Tue Jul 18 12:24:06 EDT 2017

I finally got things connected to the B210, and now I am having software/firmware compatibility issues.

I did do searches for this issue already on the net, but the instructions are very vague.

I already tried to uninstall GNU radio and reinstall.

The current version I have is 3.7.9.rc1.

GR-UHD was built against ABI: 3.9.0-0
But the UHD library reports ABI 3.10.1

Install a compatible version of UHD.

How do I do this?  Is there a simple link somewhere to download the correct software?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and oracle Virtualbox

Thanks again for any assistance.


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