[USRP-users] TwinRx not recieving waveform

Derek Kozel derek.kozel at ettus.com
Tue Jul 18 03:41:15 EDT 2017

Hello Brandon,

How did you install UHD and GNU Radio? When you say that the USRP is not
receiving the waveform, do you see just noise or does the application not
even start? What file was missing, there should definitely not be anything
missing from those versions.

I recommend ensuring that uhd_usrp_probe runs correctly and shows the X310
and TwinRX, then try using uhd_fft which comes with GNU Radio to see a
spectrum plot. If you are seeing only noise my guess is that you need to
increase the receive gain. The TwinRX has a very large gain range. Starting
around index 70 is usually good.

uhd_fft --freq 2e9 --gain 70


On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 9:01 PM, Brandon Dunn via USRP-users <
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> Hello,
> I am fairly new to usrp's and i am having troubles getting a waveform from
> a x310 with one TwinRX daughterboard acting as a receiver. I am using 2
> signal generators to generate the waveform. My UHD version is
> 3.10.something (the newest auto-downloaded version). I am using GNU-radio
> to show this waveform which is version I found that the TwinRX
> .cpp was not in the required folder so i downloaded that from github and
> put it in the correct folder. I don't see what I could be doing wrong. Can
> someone help me?
> Thanks,
> Brandon
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