[USRP-users] Removing the whole LO signal when transmitting

Brais Ares bares at gradiant.org
Mon Jul 17 05:47:31 EDT 2017

Ok, I understand!

Also I have to configure a rx_gain of 60 dB, and a tx_gain of 10 dB If I
want to reconstruct the transmitted signal to the very same power level I
received it.

The scheme would be:
~~~ signal_generator (QPSK at -60 dBm) -> cable(0.3 dB attenuation) ->
rx_usrp -> tx_usrp -> cable(0.3 dB attenuation) -> Signal analyzer (I want
to obtain original power here, -60 dBm).

*Is it normal that I have to apply roughly 70 dB of gain to replicate the
incoming signal?*

@Karan, did this happen to you?

​Appreciate all the help, guys
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