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I'd suggest installing GNURadio ;)

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> I know that this isn't a Redhawk forum but maybe someone here has a quick
> pointer. Is there a step-by-step guide to making a simple recording using a
> B210 and Redhawk 2.1.0?  I'm running on a fresh Centos 7.2 installation,
> which is one of their tested OS recomendations. None of the waveform
> examples I've found include any RF sources and if I try to launch the
> included rh.USRP_UHD device in the sandbox I get the cryptic: "...does not
> provide EventChannelAccess, Event channel management is not allowed."  The
> UHD driver that came with the RH RPM installation work fine with the radio
> outside of RH.
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