[USRP-users] ֻC API questions

Sivan Toledo stoledo at tau.ac.il
Sat Jul 15 06:46:50 EDT 2017

I'm converting a CPP code from UHD 3.8.5 to the C api for 3.10. (The main
reason for the conversion is that I binaries of my CPP programs don't run
on both Ubuntu 14 and 16 because of incompatible libboost; hopefully using
the C API and the Ubuntu uhd-host package will resolve this).

I have a few questions:

1. Is the following correct, or do I have to "make" the
string_vector_handle before I pass it to get_rx_gain_names? The manual says
to always make, but my intuition is that get_rx_gain_names will make it for
me, given that it gets a pointer to the handle, not the handle itself.

  uhd_string_vector_handle gain_names;
  uhd_usrp_get_rx_gain_names(usrp, 0 /* channel */, &gain_names);

2. Is there a C api version of set_rx_gain
gain, size_t chan=0)? In the header files I found only set_rx_gain but with
a gain_name argument. The CPP api has two overloaded methods, one with a
gain-name argument and the other without it. Is the convenience method
missing from the C API? Can I invoke it by passing NULL for the gain name?

Thanks, Sivan Toledo
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