[USRP-users] Making Antenna Array using SDR

Kyeong Su Shin ksshin at uw.edu
Fri Jul 14 13:47:19 EDT 2017

Hello Ozair Iqbal,

You can't (without using more SDR transceivers or making major
modifications to the hardware). USRP-2901 (USRP B210) is only capable of
2x2 MIMO. You can switch between TX/RX and RX2 ports, but you cannot
receive from all antenna ports concurrently (USRPs with switchable
daughterboards may let you break down one I-Q RX chain to two, but B210
isn't the one).

You will have to get more boards and synchronize them together using a
common clock, or develop an algorithm that works with 2 antennas (+ 2
switchable antenna ports).

Kyeong Su Shin

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 10:11 AM, Ozair Iqbal via USRP-users <
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> Hi,
> I am using  SDR's (NI/2901) for my experiment.From one end, I am
> transmitting a signal using Tx//RX port of  1st  SDR. While at the other
> end , I want to receive the same signal  using four antenna by connecting
> them at all  the four ports (two Tx/Rx, two Rx) of the 2nd  SDR at the same
> time. But I am  receiving the same signal using two antennas(connected at
> two RX ports) of second SDR and not by using all the four antennas.
> What will be the solution of this problem so that I can receive the signal
> using four antennas  at the same time.
> Regards,
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