[USRP-users] Making Antenna Array using SDR

Ozair Iqbal ozair.iqbal at itu.edu.pk
Fri Jul 14 13:11:19 EDT 2017

I am using  SDR's (NI/2901) for my experiment.From one end, I am
transmitting a signal using Tx//RX port of  1st  SDR. While at the other
end , I want to receive the same signal  using four antenna by connecting
them at all  the four ports (two Tx/Rx, two Rx) of the 2nd  SDR at the same
time. But I am  receiving the same signal using two antennas(connected at
two RX ports) of second SDR and not by using all the four antennas.
What will be the solution of this problem so that I can receive the signal
using four antennas  at the same time.

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