[USRP-users] Very Close - Trying to Connect B210 Using VMware

Matheou, Konstantin J. (GRC-LCI0)[ZIN TECHNOLOGIES INC] konstantin.j.matheou at nasa.gov
Fri Jul 14 12:28:55 EDT 2017

Hello to everyone.  I am a novice to the B210.  My main first task is to hookup the B210 to the laptop via  Oracle VMware (Virtual machine).

I realize this may not be the most admired approach, but I think i am very close in getting the B210 connected.  btw, after many hours of hurdles that i found out already.

I hope you can review the screen shot first.

1) the B210 is USB 3.0
2) I already installed Windows host.guest USB 3.0 driver and Oracle VMware extensions pack to allow the USB 3.0 to pass from the Windows 7 OS to the virtual Ubuntu 16.04 OS.  I hear the beep noise when I open the Vmware software.  Thus, giving a good sign that the Linux OS as detected the USB 3.0 port of the B210.
3)  When running the 'uhd_find_devices' at the terminal prompt, a message come up stating that I needed to update the B210 image by running the folling python code -/usr/lib/uhd/utils/uhd_images_downloader.py - This seemed to update a driver.
4) I then unplugged the B210 and reset the Linux software.
5) But then when I ran the 'uhd_find_devices' command in the terminal, i received No UHD Devices Found.

At this time, I am out of ideas, thus if anyone can help out in assisting me in getting tthings connected with the current approach.



Have a little more info that might help.  Look at the screenshot.  i have a B210, but it shows it is trying to load a b200 hex file to firmware.  This happens when I unplug and plug the USB port in.  May this be the issue?


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