[USRP-users] Transmit simultaneously with 2 USRP N210

Βασίλης Τσέκενης billy_tsek at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 13:24:35 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,
I am trying many weeks to find a way to transmit simultaneously from 2 USRP N210 series.I have connected usrp with pc with ethernet cable and all works great (for siso system). I work with MATLAB without simulink etc, just clear code and I communicate with one USRP with this code. 
tx = comm.SDRuTransmitter(...          'Platform','N200/N210/USRP2', ...          'IPAddress','', ...          'CenterFrequency',2.5e9, ...          'InterpolationFactor',256);while 1    step(tx, data.');end

I also found uhd on github (exaples-> tx_samples_from_file.cpp)  and I successful transmitted a signal once using terminal but I cannot find how to make two usrp to transmit simultaneously either in MATLAB or c++.
I want to implement Alamouti 2x1.

Any help would be appreciated,thank you,Basil
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