[USRP-users] Issues/suggestions for latest rfnocmodtool

Nicolas Cuervo nicolas.cuervo at ettus.com
Thu Jul 13 07:18:29 EDT 2017

Hello Michael,

It seems that 'import sys' is missing from the top of
> gr-ettus/python/utils/rfnocmodtool
Yeah, this was known actually, and the fix is there. It just needs to be
pushed public. We are sorry you had to face this.

> After changing that, I ran into this problem:
>     rfnocmodtool newmod test
>     Could not find rfnoc-newmod source dir
> It turns out that gr-ettus/modtool_newmod.py is not set up for people that
> do not use PYBOMBS but do have a custom install prefix. All I had to do was
> copy that over to PYBOMBS_PREFIX and then newmod worked. I would have
> thought my install prefix would have been set up in any necessary files
> during cmake?
The path hint that the modtool uses is PyBombs (as you correctly point out)
and the common /usr/local/ and such. When the path is custom, rfnocmodtool
requires the path of the newmod to be given with the "--srcdir" option.

    $ rfnocmodtool help newmod
       General options:
      New out-of-tree module options

      --srcdir SRCDIR       Source directory for the module template.

Maybe a more descriptive "Could not find message" would be required, where
it is said that the --srcdir option might be required to be explicitly

> I was also wondering if there are reasons why underscores are not allowed
> in block names
The underscores are not allowed in the names because we use them to
designate block identifiers. This means, for example, that under the hood
we refer to the "RFNoC: Radio" on channel 0 as 0/Radio_0 and so on. Given
this, some naming that has underscores in it will lead to code mismatches
and conflicts that could only be solved by code refactoring. This is the
reason why we just added this constraint as a requirement.

, and why the QA templates were removed (I liked using these to do tests
> with hardware in the loop)?
We sincerely thought that no one was using this, as having hardware in the
loop for, lets say, a python QA code, was not a trivial use case. If you
are willing to elaborate on exactly how you are achieving this, we would
not be against bringing the QA templates back.

- Nicolas

> -Michael
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