[USRP-users] Error when receiving for a long period of time

Brais Ares bares at gradiant.org
Wed Jul 12 07:00:40 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

[USRP E310]

We need to capture some 300 Hz signal for a long period of time (up to
15'), as long as a GPIO is '1'. Minimum configurable bandwith is 286 KHz,
what makes us sample the data at 286 KSPS. At this sampling rate, every 15'
of capture results in a file of 2.2 GB.

The following error appears randomly, sometimes in the first capture, some
times after several sequencial captures, and the resulting capture is

*"Got an overflow indication. Please consider the following: Your write
medium must sustain a rate of 2.28 MB/s. Dropped samples will not be
written to the file. Please modify this example for your purpose. This
message will not appear again."*

Our "write medium" is a USB 2.0, that should support data rates well above
that one.

I found the recommendation in this thread
of configuring "NUM_SAMPS_AND_DONE" but in our case we don't know how many
samples have to be captured beforehand.

Any recommendation?

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