[USRP-users] Safe mode image install error

Wilson, Thomas tjgw201 at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Jul 12 05:43:47 EDT 2017

Hi hope this is the the right place to ask.
I attempted  an ip address change using the NI USRP utility tool and when changed the n210 fpga stopped being recognised by the computer. 
I am able to boot it in safe mode and the computer can contact the device (ping's okay, and uhd_find_devices is able to locate the  fpga's on but when I attempt to update the firmware and image it appears to work correctly but on cycling the power the devices disappears.

I have tried all the commands suggested in the ettus manual apart from debricking.

I have two n210's and attempted to change defualt ip of one to
Computer interface set to 
Subnet mask

Do you have any suggestions? 
Many thanks 

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