[USRP-users] CW signal shown at center frequency

mleech at ripnet.com mleech at ripnet.com
Mon Jul 10 13:11:29 EDT 2017

What is your RX gain setting? 

Does the unwanted carrier remain when you stop transmitting? 

What happens if you use offset tuning of about 1/2 your bandwidth? 

Also, yes, it's better if your master clock rate is at least double your
sample rate, but of course, that's not always possible. 

On 2017-07-10 13:04, Cho, Daniel J (332C) via USRP-users wrote:

> Hello - 
> I am using two USRP E310s with on transmitting and one receiving.  I had one USRP transmit a CW tone at 4.2 GHz and had the other USRP receive at 4.205 GHz.  For some reason, I see two peaks, one at the expected frequency (5 MHz offset from center) and one at center frequency. 
> Is there a reason for the peak at center frequency? 
> Also, when trying to capture at 20 MHz bandwidth, I am setting the master clock rate at 20e6 and the rx/tx rate at 20e6.  Is that correct?  Or do I have to double the master clock rate? 
> Thanks, 
> Daniel Cho 
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