[USRP-users] B210 dual channel

Martin Braun martin.braun at ettus.com
Wed Jul 5 14:55:05 EDT 2017

On 07/05/2017 02:14 AM, Андрей 1 via USRP-users wrote:
> Hello
> <file:///C:/Program%20Files/UHD/share/doc/uhd/doxygen/html/a00266.html#a4a343344e08a5a2b1314d191927f5132a2cff71688fb75e0503d1241f6e8156e8> mode
> with dual channel.
> Delay that is obtained after uhd_rx_streamer_issue_stream_cmd
> <file:///C:/Program%20Files/UHD/share/doc/uhd/doxygen/html/a00266.html#a820ffc1c99b083dd9eba0ab1ec118085> and
> receive first packet data in dual channel mode much more than with one
> channel.
> I use internal clock source. Time source I do not setup and nothing is
> sent to the connector 'pps' in device. Is that correct for dual channel?
> How i can minimize delay in dual channel mode?
> When I measure phase difference вetween channels its value always near
> +-6 degree.If the delay is due to this is it possible to turn off
> phase-to-zero?

I assume delay and phase offset are the same in this question. Not using
a PPS is fine, but you should still go through the routing of running
set_time_next_pps(), and then using a good device time to get the
samples. After that, you might still see a phase offset based on your
setup. How did you determine the phase offset? What was your analog setup?

-- M

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