[USRP-users] Rx performance degraded in TDD using X310+SBX, ATR setting or what else?

hanwen kidult.hanwen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 17:27:14 EDT 2016

Dear USRP users and experts,

Using X310+SBX, I'm building a TDD system with predefined pattern of Tx and
Rx time slots:

Tx: using tx_metadata_t to specify the transmitting time and end of
Rx: always streaming, discarding the i/q samples in the Tx slots

1. When the Tx is completely off, the Rx demodulation performance is very
good. The noise figure of 3~5dB can achieved with maximum 37.5dB Rx gain,
which is indicated by the estimated SNR in my demodulation algorithm as
well as the simple PSD observation.
2. When the Tx is on according to the TDD pattern. The receiver sensitivity
becomes tens of dB poorer, although in the Rx slots I'm sure there is no Tx
signal scheduled.

I tried the ATR settings in my earlier post:
BUT it seems doesn't help.

I'd eager to know how to make the optimal configuration for
interference-free TDD operation. Thanks.

Bests, Hanwen
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