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Philip Balister philip at opensdr.com
Thu Mar 31 14:16:32 EDT 2016

On 03/31/2016 01:02 AM, David Cockerell via USRP-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I am rather new to all this.  I have been able to download the source code for the UHD, GNU-Radio, and the flash image binaries.What I am interested in, is where can I find the Kernel Space device driver for compilation.
> The problem I ran into is, I have a E100 device (running UHD-3.4.0), and I would like to compile the later version of UDH 3.7.0.It compiles okay, but complains there is a compatibility issue with the driver at runtime.  I believe I need to compile the later Kernel-space device driver to resolve this issue, but I can't find the source code anywhere.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I

It's been a while since I did much with the E100.

Did you run:

# opkg update
# opkg upgrade

That will get you the latest copy of uhd we have tested in the E100.

If you try building a later uhd, you will need to update the fpga images
also. I suspect the image updater program needs some python modules that
are not on the E100, but you should be able to unpack the fpga image
tarball in the proper place.

Any particular reason you need a later uhd?


> Regards
> Dave
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