[USRP-users] rx data structure of E310

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Thu Mar 31 04:18:09 EDT 2016

Dear Wwd,

the "set_bandwidth()" method is now fully operational.
I'm still not sure what your purpose is; again, usually, the default
behaviour works quite fine.
What are you trying to do?

Best regards,

On 31.03.2016 02:55, wwd wrote:
> Thanks Marcus,
> According AD9361 configuration note pdf, the rx signal path shows like
> below:
> So all these filters are configurable in UHD? I did some search on
> google, and found this old message:
> http://lists.ettus.com/pipermail/usrp-users_lists.ettus.com/2014-February/008576.html
>  Mr./Igor Rubaszewski/  asked how to configure the analog filters, and
> Mr. Marcus Leech responded it is on the roadmap. So are there some
> developments?
> Thanks again.
> Weidong
> On 16-03-30 10:41 AM, Marcus Müller wrote:
>> To add to what Marcus said, we get this question rather often, "I'd
>> like to see the signal like it was seen by the ADC"; in fact, many
>> high-speed ADCs do integrate some kind of DSP themselves, and
>> especially the AD9361 used in the E310 is extremely mighty when it
>> comes to that. So the core question here is always:
>> what do you need *really*?
>> As Marcus explained, the values that the host CPU will see are
>> proportional to the voltage the ADC sees, but not exactly the digital
>> numbers the ADC gives; that's necessary, simply because the CPU
>> doesn't really know 12 bit values, so there has to be some mapping to
>> 16bit or 32bit values, just to be able to deal with the values
>> computationally.
>> Then, this is baseband radio; what you get is just something
>> /equivalent/ to the RF passband, anyway. UHD keeps that equivalence
>> (aside from filter imperfections, but we can consider these
>> separately, if your application demands it; for most purposes, UHD
>> does really fine), so you're not having any disadvantage by the DSP
>> chain.
>> Best regards,
>> Marcus M
>> On 30.03.2016 16:32, mleech at ripnet.com wrote:
>>> The data you see within your application or Gnu Radio flow-graph is
>>> not identical to what comes off the ADC.
>>> The ADC data are passed through DSP filtering including DDC
>>> processing if necessary, and decimation, typically.
>>> Further, the data are then formatted for the wire in either 8-bit or
>>> 16-bit format, then UHD can convert it into a number of different  
>>> formats for the CPU side of the house.
>>> The bits you get in the application are linearly-proportional to
>>> what comes off the ADC, but not exactly what comes off the ADC.
>>> On 2016-03-30 09:45, wwd via USRP-users wrote:
>>>> Dear Marcus,
>>>> I have a basic question about the data structure in FPGA and UHD.
>>>> When I looked at the FPGA source code, I found these codes:
>>>> //------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>   // CODEC capture/gen
>>>>   //------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>   wire mimo;
>>>>   wire codec_arst;
>>>>   wire [11:0] rx_i0, rx_q0, rx_i1, rx_q1, tx_i0, tx_q0, tx_i1, tx_q1;
>>>>   wire [31:0] rx_data0, rx_data1, tx_data0, tx_data1;
>>>>   *assign rx_data0      = {rx_i0,4'd0,rx_q0,4'd0};**
>>>> **  assign rx_data1      = {rx_i1,4'd0,rx_q1,4'd0};*
>>>>   assign {tx_i0,tx_q0} = {tx_data0[31:20],tx_data0[15:4]};
>>>>   assign {tx_i1,tx_q1} = {tx_data1[31:20],tx_data1[15:4]};
>>>> I want to make sure if in the UHD side, the rx data keeps the same
>>>> structure. And the data samples are carried in two's complement
>>>> format.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Weidong
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