[USRP-users] Multi-PC Sync

Gorlinski, Charlie @ SSG - PE - IEC charlie.gorlinski at l-3com.com
Tue Mar 29 15:05:32 EDT 2016

Hi Ettus,

I am successfully streaming 2 X310s on one Linux PC.   Using a slightly modified version of tx_samples_from_file, the carriers of all 4 RF output channels are nicely synced together using an Octoclock to distribute 10MHZ and 1PPS from a Rubidium clock to each X310.

I want to sync a 2nd Linux PC with 2 more X310s and sync those 4 RF outputs channels to the same Octoclock, so that I wind up with all 8 RF carriers synced together from the 2 PCs.  I can successfully instruct the modified tx_samples_from_file on PC#2 to start at the same 1PPS as PC#1, but the 4 RF carriers from PC#2 are NOT locked to the 4 carriers of PC#1 even though the X310s in each share the same clock and 1PPS distribution.

What do you recommend  for RF carrier synchronization between 2 PCs, each with their own X310s that share a common 10MHz and 1PPS?

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